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Make the most of your time to
make the world a better place.

Meet Melissa Eick
(pronounced "ike" :) )
Nonprofit co-founder and senior executive, anti-human trafficking activist, speaker, and writer, Melissa Eick is highly regarded as THE expert on overcoming roadblocks that keep us from following our unique passion to make the world a better place. Her journey is one of sacrificing for her calling, overcoming self-doubt and anxiety, finding success against all odds, and learning how to come back to her “why” when burnout creeps in. Her lifelong passion is to share all she has learned to help others make their dreams of changing the world a reality. 


Where to Start:
A Practical Guide to Changing the World: The Podcast
(formerly known as Making Your Impact)
 A podcast to inspire and equip you to pursue your calling
and make your positive impact on the world!


Productivity Sprints
Join others working in short bursts of time to stay motivated and energized
while doing the work for changing the world! Participate in sprint replays and subscribe for upcoming live stream sprints!


Get inspiration, practical tools, and useful ideas for your
path toward changing the world!