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Ever feel like if you could just figure out how to make a little margin in your life you could carry out your purpose? I can relate and I'm here to help!


Hi, I'm Melissa Eick!
(pronounced "ike" :) )

I've has always had a dual, lifelong mission:

1. To live out my full purpose and potential.

2. To help you discover you purpose and equip you to live out your full potential!

As for the first part, I'm a nonprofit co-founder and senior executive / human trafficking activist / attorney / writer / speaker / coach. In order to literally survive all that, I developed my Margin Makers (tm!) to help me overcome everyday life before it overcame me. 

That's what I want to share with you! My victories, my failures, my Margin Makers. :)

I'll help you identify obstacles holding you back, embrace your strengths, and make some margin in your life to make a difference! 

I'm SO excited you're here!! It would be my honor to walk with you on your path to living out your full potential, purpose, and destiny!

Melissa Eick is THE go-to person for creating a plan to live out your mission. She's given me the practical tools and encouragement I've needed to fulfill my goals!" — Anna D., missionary, teacher, author

Here are a few ways I can help you today!

Mega Meal Prep Course

Ace your nutrition, weight loss, and financial goals by learning a whole new approach to meal prep! How? By prepping ONE MONTH of meals in one weekend! Get a 50-page workbook, 20+ starter recipes, and over an hour of video to show you how, step by step!


Practical Guide to Impactful Living:
The Podcast

(formerly known as Making Your Impact)
 A podcast to inspire and equip you to pursue your calling
and make your positive impact on the world!

Productivity Sprints
Join others working in short bursts of time to stay motivated and energized
while doing the work for changing the world! Participate in sprint replays and subscribe for upcoming live stream sprints!

Practical Guide to Impactful Living:
The Newsletter
Get inspiration, practical tools, and useful ideas for your
path toward changing the world!


Dragonfly-small logo.png

A Future of Freedom

for Victim-Survivors 

of Human Trafficking

As a co-founder and senior director for The Dragonfly Home, I can personally vouch for Dragonfly's work! 

Learn about human trafficking and make an immediate impact for human trafficking victim-survivors and their children!

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