"Let's be outspoken, let's be ridiculous, let's solve the world's problems."

-alanis morissette

Meet Melissa.

Melissa Eick understands the rigors of making big dreams come true! As a Co-founder and the Director of Communications & Development at The Dragonfly Home—a non-profit in Oklahoma City serving victims of human trafficking—as well as an attorney, writer, and seasoned speaker, she has faced the challenges of staying motivated and avoiding burnout as she’s pursued her goals.


Melissa also has a passion for encouraging others to see the value in and take steps toward accomplishing their goals. To that end, Melissa loves sharing what she’s learned along the way—including practical tools and evidence-based self-care methods—to help others stay the course on their own journey toward making their impact on the world.

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Q & A!
Interview with Melissa

1. What are your go-to self-care activities?


I need to laugh every day, so I might rewatch an episode of Parks & Rec or The Office. A change of scenery—like going to a coffee shop or sitting outside for lunch—works wonders for me! Painting (poorly) (#nojudgment) and helps me relax and stay creative, without the pressure of perfection.

2. How did you discover this passion for helping others make their impact?

I'm pretty sure I've always been this way, but I really realized it in law school.  Whenever I had the chance to talk to other students about the challenges they faced and help find solutions or encourage them in their goals, I found it so rewarding.

3. What are your current writing projects?

My main project is a memoir about all the life events—big and small—that led me to making my impact as a non-profit co-founder and anti-human trafficking activist today. I never could have predicted this journey, I know for sure it's exactly what I was made to do!

I'm also a member of Yukon Writers Society, a supportive writers group. Members are encouraged to submit short pieces of fiction for the group to critique. I don't classify myself as a fiction writer (though they're always trying to get me to), but I have fun writing short stories to submit for the group! It's great practice and exercises a different writing muscle.