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To End Human Trafficking, Every Single Person Matters!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

To make a massive difference, we need everyone doing their part to push the momentum of the movement!

“What can I possibly do? I’m just one person! The problem of human trafficking is so big. There are so many people being held captive. How would anything I do even make a difference?”

Mandy had just watched “Tricked,” an excellent documentary about human trafficking. She already had some awareness of the issue, but that night a fire of inspiration and determination lit in her heart. Just as quickly, however, a gust of discouragement and intimidation threatened to extinguish that fire.


Mandy had twin realizations: 1) She wanted to do something meaningful in the fight to end human trafficking; 2) She was just one person compared to 20-27 million people in modern slavery today. What could she possibly have to offer such a huge problem?

The magnitude of human trafficking looms large. Staggering numbers of captives, appalling stories of human suffering and cruelty, and the total lack of humanity espoused by traffickers shock the mind. It’s a mountain of a problem, to be sure. But you know what human beings do with gigantic mountains? We climb them. There’s always a path up the mountain. When choose to focus on the best path for each of us, we can start climbing the mountain one step at a time. That is how we will solve the problem of human trafficking.

Picture a Mountain…

Then, imagine a group of a few thousand people standing at the base of that mountain. The group comprises seasoned mountain climbers, but also teenagers, grandparents, moms and dads, doctors, teachers, artists, musicians . . . most of these people have never even attempted to climb a mountain before! Given the variety of each person’s skills and abilities, each person has to take a different path.

All those different paths lead to the same place.

A bell rings (Kentucky Derby style). Each person takes his or her first steps up the path that leads up the mountain. Expert climbers head straight up the face of the mountain with their grappling hooks and ropes. New mountain climbers head up a gradual and winding path, taking the mountain at a slower - but nevertheless determined - pace. The variety of paths is endless: diverse inclines, some over rough terrain, others going through trees.

Everyone Is Climbing

The ones on the gradual path call up encouragement to the people climbing the face of the mountain: “You can do it!” The people a little higher up call down, “Keep going, you gotta see the view up here!” The people in the trees shout, “Lots of cool birds and animals in this part!” The ones in the open air paths call, “The sky looks amazing!”

Everyone is climbing the mountain according to their own speed, their own ability, and even their own preferences. But everyone is climbing.

One Becomes Many

People on the ground glance up nonchalantly at the mountain and are surprised to see it looks absolutely covered by people. Every part of the mountain has some group of people attending to it. Even though they’re all going their own way, they are all tackling the same mountain. Every person climbing is just one person, but when every single “just one person” starts out on their path doing the best they can, soon a mass of people is heading up that mountain.

Every person had a decision to make: “I’m just one person.  I don’t know how to climb the mountain. How can I possibly climb it by myself? Should I even try?” In the end, each person showed up and that was all that was necessary. When they took their first step, they realized they were not alone. They saw others there who could help them and others to whom they could offer help. They learned that where they were weak, others could supplement strength.

One Is The Loneliest Number - Partner Up!

So you want to join the movement to end human trafficking and you’re intimidated because you’re “just one person?” Here’s the thing - you are NOT alone! You are not the first person to join this movement. You’re not the only person in this movement. Many, many people are working to end human trafficking. A variety of organizations exist all over the world you can get involved with. When you make the decision to climb the mountain, your first move is just to show up. Soon you’ll see just how many other people are there to join you in your climb.

No matter what you do, the important thing is that you CAN do something. Everyone has a role to play in the movement to End Human Trafficking! So get your climbing shoes on and come join us on the mountain! We can’t wait to help you find your path to help end human trafficking.

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