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I voted 10 days ago by hand delivering my ballot to my County Election Board. IT WAS AWESOME. I love voting. It's an incredible privilege. Generations ago, courageous women fought tooth and nail for me to have this right. Some people around the world literally risk their lives to vote or never experience the right to vote at all. I simply drove a few miles and peacefully submitted my ballot.

Tired of campaign ads? Be glad you live someplace where we can debate ideas in the public space. Tired of how things are going in our country? Cast your ballot on EVERY level, not just huge presidential campaigns, but for your local city council and school board elections.

Don't vote because you think God will make things happen the way they're supposed to? Consider that God placed you in the United States instead of somewhere else in this world and that voting is a part of being an American citizen. Just like we are His hands and feet in so many ways, He may be relying on you to vote in order to accomplish His purpose.

When you vote you are furthering democracy in the United States and that is POWERFUL. Exercise your rights as an American citizen to the fullest and make your voice heard. #IVoted2020 #BidenHarris

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